O2 Go - Volunteering app for iOS

An iPhone application for 16 to 18 year olds that simplifies the process of volunteering for local charities and ties in with the o2 telefonica "think big" and "priority" campaigns for extra rewards.

Overview        Process

O2 go is an iOS application that reimagines volunteering on a local scale. By speaking, user testing and iteratively designing with both volunteers and organisers, I was able to identify the desires and needs of stakeholders and deliver a proposal that reimagined the process of volunteering by adding extra benefits and removing many of the pain points.

Released: September 2014 

Retail Price: £0.00

Materials: Pixels

Process: Proposal mocked up in Axure RP Pro to go alongside annotated screen flows ready for iOS Swift Coding.

Software / Tools:  POP PrototypingAxure RP pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.

Client: O2 Telefonica UK.

Team: Rob Armes, Elle Pendlebury, Harjeet Sehmbi, Charlotte Perkins, Kate Saunders, Stiven Skyrah.

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