Pegasus - Alternative automobile concept

Design a fully hosepowered automobile for a world where fossil fuels never existed.

Overview        Process

Pegasus is a mercedes automobile concept for an alternate world in which fossil fuels never existed.  Fully horsepowered (a modern day chariot) it is an exploration of the wider context of design, in particular the symbiosis between architecture and design. Design requirements were provided by the why factory at TU Delft and a V.I.P.D. process was used.

Released: December 2012 

Retail Price: £56,000

Materials: Fibreglass, Plywood (Frame), Leather, Mahogany, Glass, Polyurethane

Process: Fiberglass Molding, CNC Milling, Vacuum Forming, Injection Molding, Upholstering

Software / Tools: Photoshop, Sketchbook pro, Keyshot 3, Creo parametric 2.0, Rhino.

Client: Mercedes Benz

Team: Pattareeya Srongprapa, Elena Dimitrova, Stiven Skyrah

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