Effortlessly attach your Tile Slim to anything and replace it yearly without risking damage to your belongings.


Tile bluetooth trackers make it easy to find everything that matters. Tiley is the first plastic case for Tile slim, attach Tiley to anything and pop in your Slim to track it, then when the battery runs out you can easily replace your Slim without risking damage to your belongings. Its made using the latest manufacturing innovations and allows for full access to all your tiles features. 

Released: September 2017

Retail Price: £14

Materials: Nylon 12 (PA12)

Process: HP Multi Jet Fusion

Made for: Tile

Team: Tile Slim, Pen, Paper, Shapeways, iPhone7, Illustrator, Photoshop

Minimal milimetres

Tiley adds just 3.5mm to your standard tile slim, it's footprint, material and manufacturing process have been optimised for strength and stability without over engineering. The last thing you want is to stick out!

Tiley Tile MM insert Stivenskyrah Designwithlove.png

Easy fixing

Designed for fixture Tileys back is indented to help contain any glue you might use, or if you're feeling more flush its compatible with tile adhesives

Tiley Tile Fixtures Stivenskyrah Designwithlove.jpg

Securely in place

Tiley locks your Tile slim in position using two precision printed ridges, simply slide your tile in, and wait for the click. 


Easy in, easy out

Using the reTile upgrade program you can upgrade your tile yearly for a fraction of the price, that means you need to be able to remove it easily once your year is up. Tiley allows you to easily lift your inserted tile over the ridges with your finger, and push it out using the cutout. 

Tiley Tile Removal Steps Stivenskyrah Designwithlove

Find your phone (still)

Tiley ensures you still have access to the tile button to easily make your phone ring


The latest manufacturing innovations

Tiley makes use of the latest innovations in manufacturing from HP, 3D printed to meet demand there isn't a huge stockpile of Tileys waiting for a home and by using Multi Jet fusion technology no waste is produced during manufacture. Its also made from a highly reusable Nylon thats classed as non hazardous. 

designed with love by ©stivenskyrah 2017

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