About Me

Hi, my name is Stiven Skyrah. I’m a holistic designer of products currently UX Designing at Amazon Video. I focus on the intersection of physical objects and digital services creating simple and beautiful products that people love to use. I’ve worked with companies of all shapes and sizes, so contact me if you’d like to work together on your next project.


Fun Fact #1

One thing that always surprises people is when I tell them is that I have five sisters, two brothers and four mothers. It makes Mother's day particularly fun!



Global Service Design JaM

Loughborough University 2015

Fjord Connected Home Hackathon

FJORD & SSE 2014

Overcoming Severe Adversity Award

Bradford College 2010


Fun Fact #2

I have worked in Bradford, Loughborough, Delft, Amsterdam, Moscow, Madrid, London & Seattle.


Fun Fact #3

My name means "love and beauty" and my aim in life is to help people through design. 


Fun Fact #4

I love all music! From Vivaldi to Kendrick Lamar.