Amazon Video

A streamlined amazon app focussing on optimised customer experiences and templates that work across over 795 third party devices in over 240 regions and 3 languages.


Released: Ongoing.

Retail Price: Free.     

Materials: Pixels.     

Client: Amazon.     

Team: Kutlu Canlioglu, Helene Sears, Dave Campbell, Paul Kitchener, Stiven Skyrah.

Software / Tools: Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Pen, Paper, Keynote. 


A new Home

The Amazon Video home screen is the first thing a signed in customer sees, it allows them to see and browse the main menu to begin their journey or dive straight in and browse content lists. Customers can press select or right to find out more information about content, or (where available) a special key (in this case R1) to bring up a filtering menu.


browse Done Better

When a customer navigates into a list of content they see a version of the browse pages above. these are designed to be dynamic for content and work with images of any ratio (16:9, 4:3 etc) a customer's focus is landed in the centre of the page they can press select to find further information about the title highlighted, up to access a dynamic submenu or down to use the buttons. this template also encompasses the full range of amazon purchase options, from third party subscription sign ups through to a 24h rental in sd. 


Seasons Simplified

By reusing the positioning and styling elements from the browse template we were able to optimize the experience for a grounded customer experience that reduced development time massively. 


Movies Maximized 

The movie pages are the last stop for finding out as much information as possible, by harnessing the positioning and elements of the browse templates the title, sub navigation, buttons and title images are all kept in the same positions, meaning customers can focus on the content.