Helvetiwatch face

An apple watch face that uses natural language to explain the time in a timeless font.

overview | process

Apple Watch Blank


The apple watch is a beautiful example of industrial design, its watch faces can be just as beautiful, Helvetiwatch uses the timeless (see what I did there?) Helvetica font to display the time beautifully in sentences and phrases rather than numbers, making it more accessible and averaging out time to make you less second specific.

Helvetiwatch is currently a proof of concept watch face as apple has yet to open up an api for designers and developers. coding for the helvetica face was done by Tobie Langel

Released: February 2016.

Retail Price: N/A.

Material: Pixels.

Idea for: Apple.

Team: Tobie Langel, Stiven Skyrah

Software / Tools: Axure RP, Photoshop, Brackets, Sketch, Dropbox, Sqaurespace. 

Helvetiwatch Nightstand Mode. Helvetiwatch Design by Stiven Skyrah of designwith.love