just5 brick

A mobile phone with a simple interface and large buttons that appeals to both a fashionable younger and elderly market. 

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Just5 Brick’s design is a reminder of the good old days when the word smartphone hadn’t been coined. The large buttons make it easy to dial a number or send a text message. The monochrome display and the retractable antenna (designed to receive strong radio signal), bring back pleasant and familiar memories.

The phone has a built in alarm clock, radio, flashlight, calculator, calendar, stopwatch, racing game, and built in route planner. It works with standard (full size) SIM cards and has a battery life of a month (Take that iPhone!). 

Released: July 2013.

Retail Price: £55.

Material: ABS.

Process: Injection moulding, Pad printing.

Client: Art. Lebedev Studio, Just5.

Team: Timur Burbayev, Maria Borzilova, Andrey Fabishevsky, Alexey Sharshakov, Stiven Skyrah.