ostrich pillow light

An iterative improvement of the original ostrich pillow based upon user feedback. making it easier to carry, less obtrusive to wear and just as effective in creating a napping environment for performance power napping. 

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OSTRICH PILLOW LIGHT is the new travel-friendly model of the revolutionary OSTRICH PILLOW, which hit global media headlines in 2012.

Suggestions from thousands of supporters encouraged us to come up with this new easy-to-carry model, designed specially for commuters, frequent flyers and holidaymakers.

I worked with the team at Kawamura Ganjavian in helping Ostrich Pillow Light become a reality. You can buy one today from studio banana things.


Released: November 2013.

Retail Price: £28.

Materials: Viscose Elastomer blend, Polystyrene microbeads.

Process: Hand sewn and constructed.

Client: Kawamura Ganjavian, Studio Banana Things.

Team: Ali Ganjavian, Key KawamuraAna Huerta, Stiven Skyrah.