svintus - piggy power strip

Putting a playful twist on power, svintus is designed for quirky people of all ages in europe and russia.

overview | process


The power strip pigged up, a multi-snout cutie that you will not want to hide behind a couch. It’s pink and a fully functional device with seventeen plugs and a built in circuit breaker with re-set button. 

Released: July 2013.

Retail Price: Target £30.

Material: ABS.

Process: Production Undefined - Injection or Rotational moulding. 

Client: Art. Lebedev Studio.

Team: Timur Burbayev, Kirill Musienko, Alexey Sharshakov, Alexander Pozdeyev, Philipp Gorbachev, Stiven Skyrah.

Software: Creo Parametric 2.0, 3DS max, Keyshot, Photoshop.